How to Keep Share, Edit and Delete Your Data Safe

When posting files, you must be aware of certain things when handling sensitive information. First, only send people the information they need access to. This will lower the chances that more of your data gets into the wrong hands during the time of data leaks or breaches. Third, make sure you use a system that blocks unauthorised editing of files. If you and someone else are working on an Excel spreadsheet together There are programs that will secure the document while editing. This prevents accidental or malicious modifications, and guarantees the accuracy of the numbers.

It is also recommended to eliminate files you don’t need and to use encryption to make sure that any access by anyone other than you is inaccessible should an individual file is stolen during its way from your database to the recipient. Platforms that guarantee to keep your data secure and safe will only allow authentic users to view, edit the data, and then delete it. The platform will automatically encrypt any data that is transferred between databases.

In addition to giving you the security of knowing that your data is safe This feature also eases workload and increases convenience for clients by eliminating the need for them to set up an account on a portal. Like Portal Files shared through Share Safe are also encrypted to prevent unauthorized viewing. Instead of logging into a portal to download files, they can simply enter the URL of your company to gain access.

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