Board Members Pros and Cons

The prestige, learning, opportunities for leadership development, and networking are all benefits of being a member of boards. Cammy and Ali also noted that it’s a way to get C-level skills in areas like governance, financials, marketing and public relations/communications while helping to shape the strategy and make decisions that impact a business.

You are able to find opportunities by looking into nonprofit organizations in your community. Our panelists suggest identifying those that you admire and then contacting them to see if they have a board seat open, or have the opportunity to volunteer. They also recommend attending a board match-type event that acts as a career fair for boards.

Being a board member means you’ll be required to be present for meetings and provide strategic advice when needed. You’ll also be responsible for fundraising, and our panelists recommended to find an organization you can contribute to at the level that feels comfortable.

One of the main issues that our panelists have discussed is the need to stay on top of paperwork and other responsibilities, specifically as a board becomes more hybrid and geographically diverse. They suggest looking for software that can reduce the burden of these tasks and make an effort to stay connected to your fellow board members through electronic communication and phone calls.

In the final segment, panelists discussed how being an elected board member can be a fantastic source of personal fulfillment. They recommend finding an issue you are passionate about and becoming an advocate for it to gain meaning from your work.

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