How to Create a Good Board Meeting Agenda

The agenda is crucial for productive discussions and decision-making, whether your board meetings are held in person or online. Board meeting agendas should be distributed prior to the meeting along with relevant supporting materials and allow for ample preparation and discussion before the meeting. This improves productivity and ensures that meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

The first item on the agenda for the board meeting should be an order of the meeting. This could include a welcoming from the chairperson, or introductions. It could also involve reading the mission and vision statement of the organisation. It’s also a good opportunity to go over the meeting rules and procedures.

The next step is the approval of the previous minutes, as well as the discussion and review of committee reports currently being discussed (eg. governance, finance, governance). This section should contain the executive director’s or CEO’s report on the organization’s progress along with a review of the financial condition of the organization.

The bylaws of the organization or applicable laws may permit an open session to discuss sensitive issues. Additionally there should be room for guest talks and open forum discussions on key agenda items.

Make sure you give board members the opportunity to voice any concerns or questions during each discussion topics. If a particular topic is taking up too much of your time, you could shift it to the following board meeting or decide to put it off to be considered in the future. It is recommended at the end of the board meeting to hold an open discussion or open forum regarding the new business topics the board wants to tackle in the future. This can also company website be a time to announce special announcements or to congratulate members of the board, or highlight the most significant achievements of the organization.

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