What Is Data Management?

Data management is the process of managing data as an asset. It allows for the same access, delivery and governance. It also provides a set of guidelines that ensures that a company can meet their regulatory compliance requirements regarding privacy and data protection.

Data analytics are only effective if companies have a robust and effective strategy for managing data. However, a sound data management strategy doesn’t necessarily mean the exact same thing for every company or organisation.

In most cases, a successful data management initiative will require an entire team effort, with an effective collaboration and buy-in from all departments. This will involve training employees on data analysis and helping them create a data culture and mindset, particularly in companies not already heavily data-driven.

Data management must also ensure that the right people are provided with the right data, at the right time. This can be achieved through democratization of data access and analysis, making it easier for everyone to understand and use the data. This can be achieved by establishing clear lines for accountability and authority in relation to the different tasks pertaining to the management of data.

Data management is a task that requires planning, implementation, and constant support. It is important to consider this at the start of a project and to revise plans as you progress. This will allow the data managers to build an organization that is simple to navigate and can help save time and effort in the end.


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